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Genetics and breeding


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Dec 14, 2011
Alf and Theo: http://www.echosierra.se/
Very interesting article: SHAPE SHIFTING GENES

Rats who were repeatedly exposed to a smell and then given a mild electrical shock, began to respond fearfully when exposed to that smell, even if the shock was not administered. Not exactly mind blowing information, but consider this - when those male rats were bred, their offspring showed fear in the presence of that smell, and when those offspring were bred, their children also showed fear in the presence of that smell. So that traumatic experience was literally encoded in the male rat’s DNA and passed down through the generations. Now that’s mind blowing.

The rat study seems to indicate that the genetic material that is passed from generation to generation can actually adapt to environmental influence in a way that maximizes survival for the subsequent generations. This drops a bomb in the already contentious nature vs nurture debate, and has given scientists and dog breeders pause for thought. Now do we not only have to consider the rearing of the puppies and the care and comfort of the mother, but of the father, and of both grandparents and who knows how far behind that