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Hi everyone,

We've got a six month old female and she's had diarrhoea and vomiting on and off since Monday night. We've cut her food when she's had it and she seems to go okay but then she gets it again after we've fed her. She's been on Royal Cabin mini puppy food since birth and hasn't had any other problems aside from this. We've put her on a sensitive alternative until we can figure out what's going on.

She's okay in herself, lively and still very mischievous, and has no other symptoms. The vets so far haven't been very helpful.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks in advance!
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Is your puppy eating grass, poop, or other things you're not aware of. Did it possibly swallow a piece of it's toy and hasn't passed it. If your letting it have rawhide chews, pigs ears or snacks that are made in China or another country other than the U.S. can make dogs sick. All the Dachshunds I've had I fed them Nutro dog food. I have a almost 6 month old puppy that I feed Nutro puppy food to and have since I got her. I stay with Nutro because I never had problems with feeding it. I know there are other quality foods besides what I use.
Hi Chariya. She could definitely be eating things we're not aware of. We haven't noticed anything and we're usually super vigilant on walks / when she's in the garden, but of course they pick things up all the time. I'll take a look at Nutro, I haven't heard of that brand before but it's worth a shot if it is food related.

Thanks for your reply!
It could also be a grain allergy I forgot to mention. My puppy and older Dachshund love cat poop, I really have to try and watch for it. The puppy likes to grab and try and eat everything she finds on the ground, her new thing is trying to eat rocks. I hope your puppy gets better.