Need Help Feeding my pups


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So, Thanks for letting me join. Our home now has 2 female hard headed Dachshunds. Our other mixed
dog died in Feb he was 15 years old (not a Dachshund) So i need some help or advice on these 2 new
female pups, they are going on 12 weeks old. So for question number 1 how much do we feed them,
and how much per meal? Right now we give them half a cup per meal morning and evening, and a treat
in between. Next question How do you potty train them? this is trying our nerves big time. Any advice
would help.

Cashs Mom

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My dogs are raw fed so I'm no help there. Potty training a dachshund can be a challenge. I've had the best luck using a crate. I take them out, if/when they potty, they get a treat and some freedom. If they don't potty, they go back in the crate for an hour or so and I repeat. If they aren't crate trained, you can also use a small X-pen. You just need some way to confine them. In general, dogs don't like to potty where they live. If they've been in a bad situation where they were forced to potty in their "house" this may not be the best way. The main thing is to not allow them to sneak off and potty somewhere in the house. Lots of treats and praise when they potty outside works wonders! Good luck!