False Pregnancy?

So my 1 Year old girl recently had her first heat cycle. We planned on puppies in the future, maybe during her 3rd cycle and did everything to prevent it from happening this time. Crated her and out male separately while not being able to watch over them, doggy diapers for her and just helicoptered over them at all times. However, ONE day while a family member was at our house I had to go pick my daughter up from school and run a few errands, *thought* I made it perfectly clear to them that the two were to either remain Crated separately or one indoors and one outdoor to potty separate in ALL times. That apparently went in one ear and out the other because I cameven home that day and both were running freely around the house not being watched, allowed to go outside as they pleased. I've been hoping that nothing happened in that 1-2 hour time frame, but here we are 8 weeks later and I honestly don't know What's going on. We never went for an ultrasound/x-ray because around the recommend time for those, she did not appear pregnant. She threw up once at what would have been around 1-2 weeks but I just chalked it up to a coincidence because it was only that one time. She has gotten only very slightly larger, not every pregnant looking at ALL. Her nipples are more visible as expected because of her heat cycle. However the last week or two, she has what lookshe like milk sacs. Aka some mamary glands swelling around her nipples. No milk though. She has suddenly in the last week only wanted to eat half of her normal amount of food as well, and very slowly, like she gets full fast, which I know is typical towards the end of pregnancy. My only problem is she doesn't look pregnant other then the slight mamary glands swelling. Her belly isn't protruding, her nipples aren't huge. She doesn't appear to be nesting. I plan on making a vet appointment first thing in the AM, just curious what you all think is going on? Possibly a false pregnancy? I hear they normally adopt a specific toy or something to "mother"? If so, she has not done that..


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I know the OP was a while back and I not know much about pregnancy in Doxies, but many years ago I used to breed Griffons [Bruxellois] as an UK KC registered breeder, and having bred both rough and smooth Griffons, all had obvious mammary swelling [and produced milk] from within two weeks of delivery.

To me that does not like a pregnant belly but as the OP has not been back to say whether her girl delivered or not, we do not know.

Incidentally, in a false pregnancy the bitch will usually produce milk.