Double Dapple?


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I’m looking to purchase this baby but I just had to put our male down due to significant health issues and don’t want to go back down that road because we think a dog is pretty. I am in love with her coloring, but afraid she’s a double dapple. Her parents are dad is chocolate and mom is dapple.



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That looks like a Dapple Piebald Dachshund. It has what looks like ticking, the spots running down it's back. Nice looking puppy. Even though the dad is chocolate it can still carry the dapple gene. All Dachshunds can carry the dapple gene and you won't know unless they get genetic tests done. The biggest problems with Double Dapples are going blind and going deaf. I would adopt it. I had two Piebalds and they were excellent dogs. 1 was a wirehair, 1 was a smooth coat dapple.100_0187.JPG20190623_202813.jpg