Dog animated gifs


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I collect funny dog related gifs, I make my own gifs of Kiki & Mokka and I make gifs out of other peoples dachshund videos.
But you Nutty Buddy, you are the first, besides me, to upload a gif in this thread, fantastic.



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This thread is not solely owned by the OP and anyone can post on it. So if you have a funny picture to post, please do not hesitate to post it here - or when there is a new sub-section for funny posts.

In addition the majority of the pictures posted by the OP have been taken from Google Images, they are not his own pictures.

None of them actually belong to the K9 News Section as they are not news. They should be in a section/sub-section of their own, which I have requested Admin to set up.

Thank you all.

Tikki - Staff