Do some dogs just have terrible breath?


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My 11-year old, female mini dachshund has terrible breath. As far as I can remember she always has. It smells as if she has been eating poop, but I know for sure that she hasn't been. I'm very good about brushing her teeth so she has very little plaque, just a little on the back teeth. She eats ground raw dog food. I have asked my vet about it in the past but they haven't had any suggestions or solutions. Do some dogs just have terrible breath for no specific reason?


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My oldest Dachshund has raunchy breath always has since she was a puppy. When I brush her teeth it improves it some. Mine eats dry food so I don't think food has any bearing on it. My 9 month old doesn't have bad breath so it could just be each dog is different. You could try those Greenies they're supposed to improve dog breath. I tried them and her breath smelled like she pooped some mints. Also to add I don't know if it's a color thing but I had a Red female I adopted that was a retired breeder dog also had poop mouth and my current stinky mouth is a shaded red. I had 2 Piebalds and my current Black and Tan puppy didn't have stinky mouth.
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You could try fresh, not dried, parsley. Mix it with food or try offering it to her by hand. Just a small sprig