Digging Up the Carpet!


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I have 2 doxies (brother & sister) who are 9 months old. I work from home from an office upstairs (all of my tech equipment & work stuff is there).

My doxies are very active -- of course -- and love racing around the house, chasing each other, playing fetch, etc.

Yesterday the boy started digging the corner of the carpet (wall to wall carpet) and pulled it up! The padding was ripped into pieces also. I tacked the carpet down, but when I went back into the hallway he had pulled it up again. I've grown up with lots of dogs, including 1 adult doxie, but nothing like this.

Short of keeping them both in a crate all day, what can I do?


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Can you gate them off in a tiled area like the kitchen or bathroom or keep them in the same room as you so you know if they are getting into trouble.


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How much activities do they get before you have to work? Maybe bloodtracking once a week and obediencetraining make them more relaxed and calm?
If you can install a temporary barrier the behavior could stop when he is a little older, around 18 months according to our vet.


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Don't count on it stopping as they get older... Mouse dug a hole in my bed (2 ft wide and 4" deep) at 3 years old!

Some people have success with deterrents such as bitter apple or cayanne (goodness, I don't seem to be able to spell cayanne...) pepper But, if you stop it in one spot, they might try another...


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I still believe if the dog is properly activated they dont need to do dose things. Our dogs has never chewed on anything else than bones or dug anyting up inside :)
They are active dogs, let them be active and outside as much as posible. They are also diggers, they are bred to dig after animals in the ground. Can you get them anywhere to dig outside so they can do that but in an place where its allowed?