Daisy needs help!!


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Hello everyone, my name is Cassidy and I am new to this forum. My reason for joining is to try and get my family’s long time pet help. Her name is Daisy, she’s been in my family for eight years since she was a puppy. My grandmother was taking care of her after my mom fell on hard times but then she passed away. Now I’m taking care of Daisy, and she has some major health problems!! She has a severe case of periodontal disease. We don’t know exactly how severe because we can’t afford her x-rays but our vet says by the looks of it she will have to have all her teeth removed. On top of that, she tested positive for heart worms ): please, if anyone can contribute to help her live a comfortable life it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share ANYWHERE to get her help! I tried Facebook, but none of my dachshund groups would allow her post. Thank you in advance. I will GLADLY post updates on her journey to a healthy life again!