Dachsund and cats


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We have 2 cats and I'm considering getting a dachsund puppy, does anyone have any experience of having both? My concerns are how they'll get along but also will the puppy use the cat flap (I don't want them to) and how do you stop them from eating the cat's food!! Thank you :)


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I had a cat back in 1995 and then got 2 dachshunds in 1997. Both of these two dachshunds accepted the cat and had no problem.
However, then after they all passed away in 2014 I then got another 2 dachshunds in 2015. The female doesn't mind other cats/dogs but the male does not like any other cats or dogs. So I never bothered to get another cat as this new male dachshund would not accept a cat. So I guess it depends on the personality of the dachshunds where some might not mind and others would.