Crate training pup.


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LuLu is 6 weeks old and we have just adopted her recently, after about a week of attempting crate training we have almost decided that she is just simply too young to successfully. This is our first experience with a dachshund and any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)


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6 weeks old and by herself is VERY young. Where did you get her? She shouldn't have been brought home until 8-10 weeks old. :/

Anyway, be persistent. Doxies are very stubborn. We taught our doxie to only be in his crate while we weren't home so he felt safe. When we're home, he hangs out in the same room with us and can not go anywhere else (babygates are your friend!). He sleeps in our room, just in his bed.

Give LuLu something that smells like her fav family member so far (blanket, towel, pillow case, etc.) in her crate so she doesn't feel scared. :)