Considered about a imported Dachshund, please give me your thought?

Thomas Cole

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and understand that there is a huge amount of knowledge and experience so you thoughts will be most appreciated.
My partner and I have been looking into adopting a Dachshund for the last 3months and after moving into our new Flat we finally agree it is time. We have found and ad on a website, called the owner and over the phone seemed like a genuine, honest gentleman.

The concern I have and this may be down to my ignorance is that the Dachshund has been imported from Belarus, it also states it comes with a Euro Pet passport. A certificate which presents its impressive pegidree background is in the language of Belarus.

My question is, does this sound unusual and is there anything I should look out for?

Your comments are much appreciated.​

Personally I'd stay away and not purchase a dog advertised over the internet. A big issue with me would be seeing both parents and not from photos.
It may be that the seller sounds legit but could just be after a sale. Also, how would puppy arrive? I don't like the idea of a small puppy being flown in cargo especially in the winter. Would you and partner be able to fly him back in coach?
Can the breeder give you any names of previous buyers that you can speak with? I'm not familiar with the papers that come from Belarus. You could use a google translator to understand them in English. Or has the puppy already been imported and is now in UK?
Have you looked at shelters or rescues in your area? I'm sure there are dachshunds locally that need a good home. I know there is a big puppy mill issue in the UK with many coming from horrible mills /farms in Ireland.
Please just take your time as you will be looking for a companion that hopefully will be with you both for many years. You want a healthy puppy.
I'd take my time & look into this further. Contact Westminister Kennel Club for breeders, they may be able to help or wait until the next show and go & talk to some breeders.
You need to ask about parents health for back issues and other heredity traits. Have the pups seen a vet? Had any shots?
I'm not trying to rain on your parade but you want to make sure you are buying a healthy puppy.
Best of luck to you and your partner.