completely trained 5 yrs and started pooping in floor


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Hi,I have a 5 yr. old female dachshund I got her when she was 6 wks old ,and she potty trained on puppy pads and did wonderful and continued to do wonderful up until a month ago, she started pooping on furniture and in the floor.She is a super smart dog ,when she does something bad she will hide behind the sofa everytime,so that lets me know she knows it's bad but will continue to do it.She may go 2 or 3 weeks and do fine and them back to pooping every where. Help Please !!!


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i'm reading this mag i got from petco called "housebreaking"...

one thing i read about older dogs is that if they have something what you are describing, it might be a medical thing. something your vet might help you with...


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If something changes in the dogs behaviour you should always go to the vet at first, maybe she has some problems?

Is there anything diffrent in her routines? Some dogs are sensitive to changes, like beeing home alone longer or furniture moving around, new sounds or something...

Hope it gets better
Good luck! :)
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