Butter's Brand


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Hello there, I encourage all of you pet owners to go check out our website. This product is here to help you and your disabled/handicapped pets. From experience we know how hard it is to see your pet become disabled. But this is a product that will make your pets enjoy life much more. Our dog ,Butter, became handicapped in 2009. We had the option of putting him down or giving him a chance. At the time there were no protective bags available. We tried many different materials until we found the perfect one! The 100% polyester polar fleece material. It is a durable, breathable fabric that glides across all surfaces. Unlike other so called drag bags that wrap around the pets neck, our bags attach to a harness. causing no strain on the pets neck area. Creating maximum mobility. We encourage you to give your pet a second chance at living a happy life. Take a few minutes to check out our brand, Butter's brand at www.buttersbrand.com . Have fun! Please contact us if you have a questions or suggestions. By the way, Butter will be celebrating his 16th birthday on the 15th of November.