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I’m new to breeding I one day would like to have offspring of my dachshund one is a red dapple and the other is a chocolate dapple but would like to know if that is possible?


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One way to not have a disaster in breeding dachshunds is to NEVER breed two dapples together. It's the same concept as breeding two overo horses together, it can physically be done, but you are going to get blind, UGLY, wall eyed half witted dogs. There is a lot of stuff on those chromosomes that can only take one copy of it in a dog. Now, you can breed your female to a non-dappled dog, but if you slip up and do the both of them together statistically 1/4 of the litter will die and/or could be blind or deaf. I've been breeding dachshunds for 20 years, prior to that horses, trust me get one/both of them fixed or you may regret it.