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hi everybody , so my 1y/o female mini dapple dachshund was at a male brown dachshunds when she was in heat. But i brought her home about 2 weeks after she came on heat , but the problem is , i have her father who is a L/H mini DAPPLE dachshund ... and a week later i now started noticing het nipples swelling . I am SO SCARED that her father bred with her ??? I kept them away at all times , she was on a leash with me the whole time , or in a room when i had to go somewhere , and when she got home he once TRIED to climb her , but it was just once , and never looked at her again ?
So 1. It could be by the brown dachie.(which is anyway too soon according to me , but she was at my bfs and he really doesnt care , which already stressed me out , thats why i went to get her)
BUT . What happens if it is by her father , who is also a dapple ??? Please help ! Would it be too late to abort ?? I know the chance is small that it could be by him , as i was VERY carefull , but that 'what if' bothers me !!
I am not sure that anyone here can answer your question, but first I would call your veterinarian for an exam, and second, you may wish to Join Dachshund Breeding Basics which is a private group on Facebook. Lots of helpful people belong and as soon as you are approved, you can ask your question there and most likely get many answers.