BBC pedeegre dogs exposed?


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Have you seen this dokumentary: BBC Pedigree Dogs Exposed - full movie in good quality - YouTube

In sweden this is a big diskussion right now. The second part has just been on TV. (I just have it in swedish)

Dokument utifrån - Ett renrasigt helvete - vad hände sen? | SVT Play

What do you think?

What should dachshund breeders look out for?
They say in the second dokuemntarey that dachshunds has been breeded for shorter legs than they had a 100 years ago and that makes their function more dificult.

I hope breeders have the dogs health in first place! Look at the cavaliere king charles or the shar pei! Dogs are suffering from this man maid vanity!

In sweden our athority has shut down all breeders of sharpei in one area in sweden because of the extreme conditions for the dogs with the skinproblem, eye problem and weinkles.
Yep, I haven't seen this, but there's a lot of discussion in Finland too. They're even thinking about banning the breeding of Sharpei in whole of Finland.

I think it's good that there's discussions going on, maybe they'll get results and healthier dogs. But it's not going to be easy. :(

Of course, I think the buyers are responsible also. They should always be aware of what they're buying and not buy from a breeder that hasn't done the vet checks for the parent dogs or if there's anything else shady about it. If there are no buyers there are no breeders.
I've only seen the first half I think. It focused mainly on the Cavalier, if I remember correctly.

And the documentary is correct, in the last 100 years Dachshunds have been bred down to shorter legged dogs. I have seen pictures from Germany 100 years ago and the breed looked a lot more terrier-like than it does now. Now, if I recall my dachsie history - there was a mistake made in the translation of the name "Dachshund" by the British thinking that "hund" meant hound and thus placed the breed in the hound category instead of the terrier category.
ive read that the short legged-gen is the same gen that makes them more exposed to ruptured discs in their back.
Here's a dachsie about 100 years ago.

I love the longer legged Dachshunds!! The freakishly short legs of today's show Dachshuds makes me sick. Nola's a longer legged "old timey" Doxie.