Another potty question


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Got our puppy at 13 wks. Precious I might add ;-) she is GREAT on puppy pads in pack n play. Suggestions on how to start moving her to grass?? I've tried moving pads outside the crib but she won't do it. Was going to keep moving them toward grass but won't go if not in pack n play. Thank you!!! Gina


You might want to allow a used wet puppy pad to dry outdoors and cut it up into pieces. Place pieces in a zip lock bag for future use. Put a dry used piece where you want her to do business, any kind of business, and praise her as if she achieved world peace when she sniffs it and looks like she might go. You will have to stand there for awhile making encouraging sounds, maybe walk her up and down the driveway and bring her back to the piece of puppy pad.


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In Sweden we dont use pads. we start taking our puppies outside from day one.

I would take the dog outside and wait for it to do outside. Then praise, play and go inside.


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She will go, I promise you. You just have to catch her when she needs to go. Watch her habits. If you can't find a schedule she goes on, (I never ever did find one No matter how hard I tried) then set a timer and take her out regularly, without fail. A slip or two and you will start all over. Habits get ingrained. Let her sniff around, have treats at the ready if you like. Treats, the right ones, became a crucial key to getting Jasper to go outside. We had a party and gave treats whenever he went potty outside. It takes patience and diligence, but until we resolved to put the puppy pads away for good and keep taking him out, we made no solid progress. Good luck!


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I also ended up using the pads in the play pen, but I started taking her out from day one, only in front of the house until she had some vaccinations. Once she destroyed the play pen (lol, that bottom zipper was not a good idea!) she went into her crate and she has not gone even once while in there - it might be too small for her to want to mess it up, although it's big, just not as big as the play pen. Since she will not go in the crate and I will not let her even step on the floor in the house until she goes out to do her business, we have had minimal accidents. Once she has done her thing, she gets free run of the house (with supervision only). She is at the point now when she will ask to go, although sometimes mommy is too thick to realize what she wants... :)
I am sure if you take her out often enough she will eventually do something, and once praised, she will know exactly what you want from her.