Agressive towards other dogs!


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Hi, my year old dachshund (Lulu) has recently become very aggressive towards our other dogs! Her and our Chihuahua (Mya) were always friends when we first got Lulu, but now that Lulu is bigger she has started to attack her at times, I think because she is jealous. Mya is almost 5 now and not very playful, but sometimes they do play fight together and everything is going okay. But when Lulu and I play with toys and Mya gets in the way or too close to my boyfriend or something Lulu completely changes and attacks Mya, grabs her by the neck, and wont let go until we pry Lulus mouth off Mya!! It scares Mya so badly when it happens that Travis (my boyfriend) thinks if it happens again Myas heart is going to give out so we have been keeping them separated all day and night, but it is very hard as we have a small home. I'm starting to worry that he is going to say we have to re home Lulu because Mya was his dog first. Any suggestions on getting her to mellow out and stop attacking?!


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First, welcome to the board. I'm not well experienced but from what I read around the net, there are many other possibilities of that kind of aggression, one is trying to be an alpha dog since they are social animals. From there, you have to always establish as the leader over them so they will listen to you. You also need strict supervision to interrupt any aggressions forming so they will not develop any habit.


Hi and welcome from the UK!

Dachshunds are VERY intelligent and can have a tendency to be naughty when bored etc. It will help a lot if you make and invent games for her along with a good routine of walks and exercise. Kongs are good to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

Dominance can also easily get out of control so you do need to establish a strong leadership and not tolerate any bullying. It needs to be jumped on straight away and not aloud to become a habit. I would firmly remove the aggressor and offer a distraction (the kong or a chew etc) before things got to the stage of your other dog becoming scared.

Really hope you can all work this out, dachshunds are really fun dogs but they do need to be kept occupied. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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I thought it was just her being bored too, because we work long days at our jobs and all the dogs are home alone during this time, but when I get home I make sure I play with them, and Lulu especially because she actually likes toys and playing, unlike the other two. And we take them for a walk almost every morning but a few of her attacks have been while we were playing with toys, and once she attacked just because the other dog moved onto my lap! I made an appointment to have her fixed as a breeder suggested but the lady said it wont stop 100% of the attacks! How do I properly train her to know that it's not okay to attack?