Question Adding a 4th Mini Doxie...


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We have 3 minis. A ln 18 year old neutered male who is healthy but old and not very active, an 8 year old spayed female who is healthy and somewhat active. After losing our 14 year old in Jan. 2021, we decided to get a new puppy in the fall. So our 3rd dog is about 1.5 years old. He is not neutered.
They all get along and so far the new pup has become a great addition. The only issue is he has a lot more energy than the other two. His only playmate is our 8 yr old female but she only tolerates him for small periods of time before she retreats to a hiding place where he cannot bother her.
So, we think a new puppy would be a better long term companion for him.
My question is about what sex rhe new puppy should be. Obviously, getting another female would require careful attention to avoid a pregnancy...or having one of them fixed. But, I am looking for experience and advice about behavior issues related to pairing sexes in the younger 2 of the pack.