A dream come true for my baby boy (the one inside me too lol)

Peace upon and with everyone !

I am Chris, new father of a 1 yr old, going on 2...my wife and I have wanted to get him a puppy but we waited till he was "old" enough to handle fragile puppies ...

Weve had hard circumstances since his birth, and if anyone cares to here, i dont mind sharing the story as its incredulously incredible...if u thought running with scissors or shameless are crazy, i got a story for u

anyway now that were settling into our first apt, and our son is turning 2, its time for his bday present to be his puppy hes really dying for (hes drawn to them at parks)

hes also an only child stuck home for constant pulmonary machiine treatments, so he doesnt go out and play with kids much, and its not fair cuz hes so full of energy and life

anyway, ive owned two yorkies (one is with my mom still), a shepherd, two ferrets (had to adopt to single friend of mine, who also breeds small critters but never had a chance to buy a ferret so hes in a great home with the others), and tropical birds, truly my first love as a child

but I always wanted a hot dog, and couldnt have one cuz my mother was a tyrant that said his belly would drag and hed die paifully in old age, to scare me into not wanting that breed (but yorkies were perfect! in NYC lol)....anyway no big deal but now my son gets one

theyre a great breed, and they also have short hair, which is necessary for his breathing issues....greyhound might be another choice due to similar coats, but theyre so fragile and i dont want him to break it lol

I love animals, and I want to adopt one for my son. Hes really sweet, and my wife and I WILL care for it.

anyway, thx, and nice to meet u