1. Jabbar

    Dog food

    Which is a better food for dog? Find a contains no corn, by-products, sugar or artificial flavoring. Then will probably have a good food. it is right?
  2. P

    Groomers in Central NJ

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good Groomers in Central NJ (Middlesex, Union, Somerset, Monmouth Counties) for me to take my 3yr old Long Haired Dachshund for a good trimming? Until now I have always done all the bathing and brushing, but I feel like his coat could use some...
  3. L

    new doxi mix owner here

    hey guys, my husband and i just adopted our first doxi mix about a month ago. We are encountering a few behavior problems and i thought a good way to deal with them would be chatting with fellow doxi owners. So hello, and nice to meet you all
  4. N

    New from FL

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hello as I have been browsing the site. A lot of good info!
  5. P

    Wirehaired Breeder in NY/Mid Atlantic/New England

    We are looking to add a wirehaired puppy to our family. Does anyone know of a good and reputable breeder in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New England area? Thank you!