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  1. CaseyKC

    Question Dapple breading

    There is a great tutorial on coat and pattern colors by Marcia A in this forum, written in 2012 The Patterns: Piebald can be carried, but one parent must be brindled or dappled to have dapple or brindled puppies. When a double dapple is bred to a solid all the pups will be dappled. If you...
  2. CaseyKC

    Bonding and training help needed!

    You could also call your nearest SPCA as they sometimes have trainers and behaviorists on staff. My little girl came to live with us at 4yo, but is now 6yo. She has barked and charged my husband and anyone coming into the house since she arrived at our home. Recently, after two years living...
  3. CaseyKC

    Question Dapple breading

    Your female could very be a "hidden dapple." Before doing any breeding, you need to have her DNA tested and if she is a hidden dapple, she cannot be bred to a male dapple due to the danger of deafness, blindness, as well as physical deformities. I would suggest that you join the LEARNING...
  4. CaseyKC

    I am new :)

    What a precious little wirehair you have. I had one, many years ago, that we got when my husband was stationed in Germany. I went to classes to learn how to strip and groom him. That was a lot of work to keep him looking just so. He was a wonderful companion and even today, 45 years later, I...
  5. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Annie came to me at four years old from an AKC Breeder of Merit. As a young dog she was shown in the show ring, but became so anxious in the ring that her breeder decided to pull her from the ring. She had perfect conformation and was a real poster dog for the dachshund breed. After she was...
  6. CaseyKC


    I asked a similar question in a Facebook group about my Annie who barks her foolish head off if anyone, including my husband comes through the door. Annie has been to classes, failed miserably, seen a trainer who quit after several sessions and said he couldn't help us. Annie really isn't...
  7. CaseyKC

    Snow Angels

  8. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Your little girl is a cutie! Annie is currently on a diet and not happy about it. We have switched to a weight control kibble and frozen green beans for treats. Two or three times a week I add a tablespoon of pumpkin to her food to keep her regular. I think she believes that I have betrayed...
  9. CaseyKC

    Need Help Popping sound

    I think I would try to take her to a university animal hospital where they offer degrees in Veterinary Medicine. If you do not have one near you, ask on to see if they can recommend a veterinarian with a focus on dachshund neck and spine medicine. Another thought is if you have...
  10. CaseyKC

    Need Help Popping sound

    Try contacting these folks.
  11. CaseyKC

    Veterans Day 2020

  12. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Annie is getting ready for Halloween. She loves wearing clothes, but is definitely not a fan of anyone coming to the door. She barks her head off when the door bell rings. I am not even sure what Halloween will be like this year because of Covid. We are prepared in case we get some trick or...
  13. CaseyKC

    Breeding F choc/cream dapple

    Welcome Fleetwoodmad. I can't answer your question with any certainty. but would suggest that you join the FB group "Learning dachshund colors, patterns and coats." Some of the people in that group are experts with genetics. However, they may wish to see a DNA panel before they can answer your...
  14. CaseyKC

    Double dapple?

    Does not look DD to me.
  15. CaseyKC

    Puppy Ears

    Can you get a photo stacked?
  16. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Thank you, I couldn't agree more. Looks like you have a little red beauty too.
  17. CaseyKC

    Inner Peace

    PONDERING FOR INNER PEACE If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains, If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles, If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it, If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time...
  18. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Looks like Annie loves me.