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  1. natural curl

    Some very extreme separation anxiety

    What works in our favor is that Milo is a great fan of bones, raw or smoked. He still acts a little nuts when we get back from being away for awhile. But if I think it's going to be more than a couple of hours I will leave a bone for him. I don't know how much barking he does while we are gone...
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    Toys and puzzles, Santa needs help

    Today we bought an Omega Paw Treat Ball 2.8 inches in diameter. It looked promising because Milo got loose in the car and tore the packaging apart instead of eating a box of granola bars. At home we filled the ball with 1/3 cup small kibble, about one meal. Still looking like a winner, the...
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    Toys and puzzles, Santa needs help

    What will Santa bring? I have been reading reviews on Amazon and getting confused. Some of the items have almost 1000 opinions and of course it depends on the dog if something is successful. Here is what would be nice: nothing easily destroyed in 5 minutes, so nothing soft and stuffed or weak...
  4. natural curl

    Help with dificult wound

    I don't know if it's a bacterial infection but it wouldn't hurt to try topical antibiotics. Can you get a culture? People, so I assume dogs too, also get fungal infections and that's a different treatment. Eventually he might need minor surgery to clean up the wound.
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    New puppy, nervous owner, tips welcome!

    I would work at getting more doggie day care coverage. Maybe your vet can suggest something or look up day care and boarding facilities in your neighborhood. Get help from your roommate so you have some hours you can spell each other. Can your drop-in friend do a little more? So he isn't in...
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    Cesar visits two barking dachshunds!

    What did you try? Did Milan get the dogs to stop barking? How?
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    Elevated Liver Enzyme Count?

    Pancreatitis can cause elevated liver enzymes, at least in humans. I know others on this forum have experience with pancreas issues. Keep in touch with your vet.
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    Not sure what to do.

    You got some good responses. Our Milo also growls and snaps sometimes when suddenly aroused from a deep sleep. I really haven't tried to train it out of him. We just awaken him gently with soft talk. After that he can be stroked and moved with no problem. It is only rarely that he is so...
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    Peanut problems. :(

    When we took Milo to emergency to have a stick removed from the back of his mouth I asked when the chewing would stop. The vet said for this breed at about 18 months and the behavior did decrease dramatically at that age (and like in your case did not start as a young puppy). At 2.5 years has he...
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    Boarding/care info in SoCal (Orange County) needed for 2 great doxies

    The low-cost options I have found were at a vet's office and a groomer. They both involved long hours in a cage. It would have to be an emergency and just for a night or two for me to use them. At least yours have each other which might be a comfort. You could try taking themthis once...
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    No more steroids

    In human or dog I would want to use the antibiotics and/or cortisone (steroids) topically (directly on the skin) instead of by mouth if at all possible. Still, you are only treating symptoms and it would be nice to find the cause and avoid whatever it is. Our guy's crazy itching was helped by...
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    Dry skin and constant itching

    That happened to us and even though I couldn't see any fleas an application of Frontline stopped the itching. So try a high-end flea product.
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    Just popping in :)

    That would be an interesting thread: Is your dog allowed in the bathroom with you?! We have had lots of feedback about where they sleep.
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    Home alone.

    If it was me I would sign up for doggie day care for those days. I am in an area with several possibilities, not that expensive, and I would visit first and just fit it into the budget. Professional dog walkers usually available too. If that's not possible, like the above poster said, then a...
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    Digging Up the Carpet!

    If you can install a temporary barrier the behavior could stop when he is a little older, around 18 months according to our vet.
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    Itchy after fleas

    We tried Adams from Walmart and it didn't work. Frontline seems to be better. We first tried Frontline by buying a single dose from a feed store. Now we get the 6-pack from Costco, but the feed store said they have reports that Frontline is not as effective as in the past. It wasn't the...
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    Thanks! That link works. I'm glad I asked and happy for the replay button too.
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    Traveling with your Doxie?

    Milo got kicked out of a dog lodge. Do you know how that feels? It was an ideal boarding place: a home with no cages, lots of walks, trips to the beach and other small dogs to play with. He could sleep with the owner. He gave up his chewing 6 months ago, but to calm himself at the lodge he went...
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    I'm still trying to view the video. Is there a photobucket search I could try. "zoomies" got a lot of returns, but not yours. Everyone else is having all the fun!
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    Why hide his bone and then whine?

    Milo would nose his ball under the couch and then loudly complain. Again and again. We built a wood frame that sits under the sofa close to the edges so the ball can't roll very far. It also decreases the temptation to chew on the leather while waiting for rescue.