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  1. CaseyKC

    Is my puppy longhair, wirehair, or short hair?

    How old is your puppy? From your photos, she looks like a short hair, but I would rather see a stacked photo when she is around 20 weeks old.
  2. CaseyKC

    Questionable IVDD diagnosis?

    Try that canned cheese stuff that is sort of like toothpaste when you squirt it out of the can to hide the meds. If all else fails, manually stick the meds on the back of his tongue, and hold his mouth closed while gently rubbing his throat until he swallows.
  3. CaseyKC

    Breeding miniature dachshund

    You should have a DNA test on the female and male to rule out hidden dapple dna before doing any breeding.
  4. CaseyKC

    Questionable IVDD diagnosis?

    As an after thought, ask your vet for some calming medication for when he has to be crated, try giving him canned plain pumpkin ( about a tablespoon) once a week, and play soothing, calm music when he is in his crate.
  5. CaseyKC

    Questionable IVDD diagnosis?

    Has your vet taken x-rays of his spine, tummy, intestines and GI tract? I would keep him on crate rest until you have a definitive answer. You really need to get him used to being crated,and make it his safe place for many reasons, crate rest, emergency evacuations for weather, as many human...
  6. CaseyKC

    I hope this will NOT happen!

    “The sausage dog is part of Germany’s cultural heritage,” Marion Michelet, chairwoman from the Deutscher Teckelklub Berlin-Brandenburg kennel club and owner of a dachshund called Pepper, told CNN Wednesday. “The sausage dog is not inbred just because it is small and has short legs.” Michelet...
  7. CaseyKC

    Excessive Bum Licking

    1. Try a grain free dog food. She may have allergies. 2. Ask your vet to show you how to express anal glands. 3. Clean licked area frequently with a warm, wet paper towel and rinse well. 4. Get a second medical opinion.
  8. CaseyKC

    Need Help Tumor?

    https://www.avma.org/membership/insurance If you could get in touch with these folks and see if any help is available to help with veterinary bills.
  9. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Apparently Amazon is out of stock, so I went to Google and typed in Dog Care Edge Ultrasonic dog trainer bark deterrent I think the first time I used it, it really got her attention, might have frightened her a tad, but didn't seem to hurt her in anyway, but it certainly stopped her in mid...
  10. CaseyKC

    The goodest boy

    I hope the anti bark device is working for you! We have recently had numerous sightings of coyotes in the neighborhood, especially in mornings and dusk when people are walking their dogs. Once I heard about the coyotes, I have been taking Annie out to do her business in my yard on a leash...
  11. CaseyKC

    Hi from Raven

    Adorable! I have never seen a solid black dachshund in real life, but I have heard of them. Great name for this black beauty.
  12. CaseyKC

    Question Steps & stairs

    I purchased a ramp and Annie would get about half way up and slide down backwards. (I have an antique 36" bed) As suggested by the seller, I purchased a roll of sandpaper and papered the walk up area of the ramp. It didn't work and her little paw pads got skinned. I gave the ramp to a friend...
  13. CaseyKC

    The goodest boy

    https://www.amazon.com/DOG-CARE-Rechargeable-Ultrasonic-Flashlight/dp/B09TW5255H/ref=sr_1_1?crid=8U0H3CNEI5V4&keywords=dog+care+anti+barking+silencer+rechargeable&qid=1699540150&sprefix=dog+care+anti+barking+silencer+rechargeable%2Caps%2C86&sr=8-1 This is not the exact one I purchased, but is...
  14. CaseyKC

    The goodest boy

    I had a similar problem with AnnieMoon. She would bark in a ferocious manner whenever the door bell rang or whenever another person (other than me) entered our home and would keep it up until they were gone. She acted like a complete maniac, barking her foolish head off. I was told she was...
  15. CaseyKC

    Annie's Diet

    I wish there was a support group for parents of dieting dachshunds. We have just started the journey to healthy weight. One week in and those pleading eyes are getting to me, but I will BE STRONG AND RESIST!
  16. CaseyKC

    Need Help Four months old - suddenly very skittish about EVERYTHING

    You were 100% correct, she got used to the collar.
  17. CaseyKC

    Need Help Best Harness Brand??

    My girl has a very pronounced sternum. The only harness I have found that doesn't end up in her arm pits is a Puppia.