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    Breeding out dillute gene

    Thank you so much for your response! I do know never to breed dapple to dapple and I would never breed dillute to dillute or carrier of dillute IF a huge if , I decided to breed my Hazel. That's why I plan to put over a years worth of research into this. I do plan of genetically testing her...
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    Hi there ! I posted a question in the breeders section if anyone has information regarding to my post in would love to hear what you all think! I'm a proud doxie mom to Hazel my blue and tan gorgeous girl!
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    Breeding out dillute gene

    Hello, I have a blue and tan mini doxie. She is 1 year old. I plan on genetically testing her to see exactly what she carries for. But my question is IF her coat remains strong what colors could be safe to breed her with? She receives good dog food and coat supplements. I am trying to understand...