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  1. CaseyKC

    Need Help This is Napoleon Here!

    How is Napoleon doing? What a great photo.
  2. CaseyKC


    Mom must have her paws full. How are the babies and Mom doing?
  3. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Annie enjoys sunbathing during our Florida vacation.
  4. CaseyKC


    Amelia? They are both adorable. I have a granddaughter, (human,) named Amelia. I have to confess, that right now, I am the last person in the world to be giving advice about potty training. I have had dachshunds since the 1970s. All of them were puppies when the came to live with me, and...
  5. CaseyKC

    New to breeding

    I think that first you need to have a knowledgeable dachshund person look at him for excellent conformation because the goal should be to meet or exceed the standard. Teach him to stack and get good photos in natural light. Have him DNA tested for known diseases of dachshunds and for the...
  6. CaseyKC


    I just looked up Bischon Frise. My guess would be that combined with dachshund stubbornness, you may wish to buy stock in the carpet cleaning supplies and machines market. It said that Bischon Frise are notoriously difficult to house train. You may have your hands full. I suspect though that...
  7. CaseyKC


    What is a Schon?
  8. CaseyKC

    This section is to give advice on crate training

    Crate training is so important, especially for dachshunds.
  9. CaseyKC

    Puppy who doesn’t like walks!

    Another thought. Do you have a friend or neighbor with a dog? You could both take your dogs for a walk together. Good socialization opportunity.
  10. CaseyKC

    Puppy who doesn’t like walks!

    Is it cold where you live? Maybe he doesn't like the cold. If so, try getting him a sweater or fleece. Do you have neighbors near you that wouldn't mind if you put a piece of cheese, or, whatever his favorite treat is, in front of their homes near the curb, before you begin your walk. After...
  11. CaseyKC

    Question Newborn color changes

    How old is the puppy you are asking about? Puppies coloring can change quite a bit from birth to maturity. If the puppy you are asking about is the baby in your photo by your name, she looks quite young and I can see the tan points above her eyes. It is entirely possible that they will...
  12. CaseyKC

    New members

    Adorable red pies! Are they brothers?
  13. CaseyKC

    Need Help This is Napoleon Here!

    Hello Booda 2008, My last little girl had pancreatitis, and after numerous and costly visits to the vet for medication, we changed her diet to this horrible Hill's Prescription Diet that the vet insisted on. Her allergies that had been controlled for years returned. She was miserable, huge...
  14. CaseyKC

    Can we train her to be less dominant/aggressive?

    Hi Lass, I was wondering what barocca and Acc 100 is? Does it have an odor?
  15. CaseyKC

    Can we train her to be less dominant/aggressive?

    Just saw this. Not sure what to do about the nipping and that would concern me. I think I would tell her, "That is ba-a-ad" in a deep, low, I mean business voice. Not shouting, but a voice and tone used only for that behavior and you should most likely insist that your boyfriend be on the same...
  16. CaseyKC

    Hi I'm Daisy

    Daisy is precious. Love her photos!
  17. CaseyKC

    This made me laugh out loud!

  18. CaseyKC


    You haven't mentioned if there is any dapple in the pedigree. Since many pies may have hidden dapple, you must stay away from any female that is a dapple/or hidden dapple. A good breeder will have already had DNA testing done on any female he/she plans to breed and would also insist that any...
  19. CaseyKC

    Need Help Hi Everybody !

    This is what I give Annie.