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    How the dachshund character?

    Yeah, what Marie said. A doxie can be that and more. I was a big dog person. Having Collies in the past then my son gets this Miniature Dachshund puppy. and we fall in love with him. My son moves into a place that you can have pets then goes in the service. So we inherent Patrick. How can...
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    wierd earthdog and barn hunt training question

    Well in both earthdog and barn hunt you have your doxie find rodents, ( Rats). What if you have pet rats as We do? We have had rats for many years. I know that Patrick has the instinct for finding them. He has helped find wayward rats a couple times. He actually is pretty good with them. So...
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    Just started Rally-O classes!

    Are you sure he is a Doxie? :p:p:D I read through the signs on the AKC web site. I realize that 95% of the exercises I did in class when training my Collie, 35 years ago. Tim
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    Best dog food

    Has anyone tried the Dachshund specific food that is out there. Tim
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    Need a good flea preventitive.

    I may be taking Patrick to FL for a couple weeks. I may need to help my Mom after a surgery. When my oldest had Patrick down there a couple years ago, he had flea problems. They couldn't find anything that really worked for Fleas. Anyone have experience with this problem and what did you use...
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    Clicker training pups?

    Well maybe I am the one who doesn't understand. I must have began my training in an area or time before clicker where used, early 80s. As no one I ever knew in the dog world ever said anything about clicker training. must be a European thing that made its way to north America like the stupid...
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    Clicker training pups?

    Well for me I train like I was in the obedience ring. And you cannot use a clicker in the ring. One of my last instructors was an AKC obedience judge. Who BTW received his judging certificate (or what ever needed, IDK) By training a Dachshund through a UD, maybe a OTCH. I look at clicker...
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    Clicker training pups?

    For me I think the whole clicker training is crap. But it is me. I train on praise. seems to work well. I guess I was trained to train on praise. I hardly even use treats. Tim
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    Are Merle colored dachshunds sicker?

    Well my 13 year old sheltie has gone deaf, he can hear somethings whistle, hand clap. We keep a close eye on him when he is out. but mostly he just lays on the porch. Is there a site where it shows the Doxie colors to go with the name? Tim
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    Anyone know about this breeder?

    You could also check with the Doxie club being in IL they should have a local club with reputable breeders. When I found our Female blue collie many years ago. She came from a very respectable breeder. We where able to meet her, she gave us a tour of her kennel. She has bred and raised some...
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    Anyone work there doxie in agility or other performance events

    nothing in particular just yet. Just seeing if anyone did performance events. Tim
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    My Doxie is a Daredevil! Help!

    When Patrick was about 4 months old he decided to jump off my son's porch.( he was my son's then our now) Breaking his leg in the process. He had a cast for about 6 weeks. He was the same way. And sometimes still is. When he is waiting for his food he will jump almost 4 ft straight up. Tim
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    Anyone work there doxie in agility or other performance events

    I am wanting to work Patrick in Performance events, obediance, aglilty. Anyone else? I would like to get some pointers on training a doxie. An instructor I trained under trained a doxie to get his AKC judging license, He mention a few stubborn traits that the doxie has. Tim
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    doxie thinks he's a husky while on leash.

    Our mini dachshund has got it in his head that he thinks he is a husky when he is on a walk. He pulls like a husky. I am wondering what I should do the correct this. I am wanting to work obedience with him. Should I get him another type of collar or??? Thanks Tim
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    greetings from Wyoming

    Hi, All just joined a couple days ago. My name is Tim I live in Laramie, WY. I have a great mini Doxie, Patrick. That I kind of took over from our oldest son. I am looking to learn about the Dachshund breed, Patrick is pure bred but Our son never got his registration papers. I do want to work...