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  1. CaseyKC

    Annie's Diet

    I wish there was a support group for parents of dieting dachshunds. We have just started the journey to healthy weight. One week in and those pleading eyes are getting to me, but I will BE STRONG AND RESIST!
  2. CaseyKC

    Need Help Four months old - suddenly very skittish about EVERYTHING

    You were 100% correct, she got used to the collar.
  3. CaseyKC

    Need Help Best Harness Brand??

    My girl has a very pronounced sternum. The only harness I have found that doesn't end up in her arm pits is a Puppia.
  4. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Annie got used to the vibrating collar, in less than a month. I was so disappointed. She didn't react at all, even when it began vibrating, even when I selected the highest setting, so I began investigating other methods to stop her hysterical, non stop barking. I contacted a "no bark" training...
  5. CaseyKC

    Give me some feedback about her ears!!

    She looks like a "chiweenie" (dachshund X chihuahua). If you want a definitive answer, you could have her DNA tested.
  6. CaseyKC

    Is this a double dapple?

    Go to Learning Dachshund Colors, Patterns, and Coats on Facebook. There are some very knowledgeable people there who may be able to help you. I think you will need full face photos and more photos of the pup without siblings in the same shot. Good luck ...
  7. CaseyKC


    Wire hairs need to be hand stripped.
  8. CaseyKC

    Do some dogs just have terrible breath?

    You could try fresh, not dried, parsley. Mix it with food or try offering it to her by hand. Just a small sprig
  9. CaseyKC

    Need Help Four months old - suddenly very skittish about EVERYTHING

    At this point I am not sure how often I will have to re charge the collar, but at this point, I am thrilled with the silence.
  10. CaseyKC

    Need Help Four months old - suddenly very skittish about EVERYTHING

    So far, the vibration collar is working. I can put it on Annie if I know someone is coming over. At first volley of barking, it makes a high pitch sound that surprises her. The look on her face is priceless as she tries to look down at her chest to see what is making that sound. If she...
  11. CaseyKC

    Need Help Four months old - suddenly very skittish about EVERYTHING

    Good tip about the metal tags on collar.
  12. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    I may (or may not) have found an answer to Annie's non stop barking when someone enters my house. I bought a vibrating collar that also emits a whistling sound as soon as she hears the sound of a visitor knocking on the door, or ringing the door bell. I have only had it for three days, but so...
  13. CaseyKC

    Matted hair

    My friend's Golden Retriever gets mats behind his ears and near his "arm pits." She uses a mixture of aloe gel and coconut oil in a spray bottle, works it in with her fingers and allows it sit for awhile after spraying on mats. She uses a metal detangler comb for dogs to work out the...
  14. CaseyKC

    Skin concern

    You can try one .vitamin e capsule each day
  15. CaseyKC

    Need Help Four months old - suddenly very skittish about EVERYTHING

    I do believe I have tried everything to stop Annie's barking, including a spray bottle with water, (she loves being sprayed and it does not stop the barking,) pennies in the can makes her squat and pee on the floor, (did not stop the barking and I then had two problems, barking and clean up the...
  16. CaseyKC

    Skin concern

    It could be bug bites. I use Frontline Plus to deter mosquitoes and ticks. My last little girl had wheat allergies and after I switched to a grain free diet, her bald patches and itching eventually went away. I used Taste of the Wild brand dog kibble.
  17. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    I am still unpacking boxes and trying to find places to put things. Annie thinks it is so much fun to grab and shake the papers that were used for cushioning breakable items in the boxes.
  18. CaseyKC

    Introducing Annie Moon

    Annie and I have moved to another town in my state. I think she likes it here because it is all on one level, except for a basement. Her transition from out last home to our new home seems to have gone well, but I am now crating her in the basement when I have to leave the home because we are...