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  1. hershey

    Skin concern

    if it isn't a bit from mosquitos or other insects, it may be dog food that contains corn or soy. These can cause an allergic reaction and contribute to a dachshund's itchy skin. Also, vitamin E is good for a dog's skin and some dog food can contain vitamin E
  2. hershey

    Dachshund Potty Training

    If you have a new dachshund and need help with potty training, watch the short video for helpful training tips.
  3. hershey

    dachshund joke

    Here is a funny dachshund joke I would like to share A German Shepherd, Labrador and a dachshund all died and they are waiting in front of God. God asks all the dogs what they believe in. God asked The German Shepherd “What do you believe in?” The German Shepherd answers: “I believe in...
  4. hershey

    Dachsund and cats

    I had a cat back in 1995 and then got 2 dachshunds in 1997. Both of these two dachshunds accepted the cat and had no problem. However, then after they all passed away in 2014 I then got another 2 dachshunds in 2015. The female doesn't mind other cats/dogs but the male does not like any other...
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    Hershey the ageless long haired miniature dachshund playing with his favorite toy