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    Need Help She hasn’t had a wee since she arrived

    She's frightened, just love on her, she'll come around (when you're not looking).
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    Struggling to find a great Shaded Red Longhaired mini Stud…

    I try to keep my reds and black/tans together. If you breed two reds, the whole litter will be red. If you inject a black/tan, you could possibly get maybe one black/tan. I have a very dainty male longhair red who is proven...he is a conformational champion in the AKC. Just sayin
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    Question Breeding

    One way to not have a disaster in breeding dachshunds is to NEVER breed two dapples together. It's the same concept as breeding two overo horses together, it can physically be done, but you are going to get blind, UGLY, wall eyed half witted dogs. There is a lot of stuff on those chromosomes...
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    6 month old won’t sleep anymore?

    I have been breeding, showing and loving many dachshunds for the past 20 years. You have the type of dachshund that is totally needy. I have only owned one maybe two in my experience and no one can relate unless they have had one. Here's the thing. You need to move her crate by your bed...