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    Need Help Four months old - suddenly very skittish about EVERYTHING

    Teething could be affecting his behaviour. As far as the reflection in the frig goes, most pups go thru a streak where they suddenly discover the "other dog" in the mirror, window, on an appliance. I think it's pretty natural to bark because in their world that's a strange dog in their house...
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    Hi Liguine! I too prefer a raw diet for my dogs. I remember having one dog with crystals in his urine but I can't remember the solution. I would be very hesitant to feed Hill's food with him forever. My vet is pro raw feeding and has said that Hill's has very little nutrition. I would look...
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    Question Sable?

    It's my understanding that "sable" in dachshunds is a long haired red with black tips on each hair. I've never seen a black/tan/cream dachshund termed sable. Keep in mind that for each breed, terminology for colors differs. What is termed sable in a GSD doesn't have any relationship to sable...
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    Skin concern

    That's really strange. I have no idea. Let us know what the vet says.
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    Double dapple

    Too many recessives and that is never a good thing. Dominant genes in one parent can only override so much of the recessive. Besides, there are so many wonderful dogs in rescue waiting for homes, I don't feel like I have to breed to get good dogs.
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    Double dapple

    I would definitely not be breeding her
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    Double dapple

    She could well be out of double dapple breeding but not exhibit double dapple coloring. I had one that looked very much like her who's brother was almost all white with the small eyes that double dapple's often have. He was also blind and deaf. Are you specifically wanting a double dapple...
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    Round Balding Patches

    That's a good suggestion, Casey. Food sensitivities often cause skin problems.
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    Guard Dog Test Fail!

    My HoneyDog is a dachshund mix I got from rescue last fall. With all that's been going on with Darby and his liver tumor she hasn't gotten the attention that she needs. I have done some training with her and she's learning well. I learned the hard way that she's a runner and so I don't open...
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    New member

    They're both beautiful! I had a B/T dapple. I just love dapples. They're the prettiest dogs. Looking forward to hearing more about your dog family.
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    Round Balding Patches

    Sounds good. Let us know how it goes.
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    Need Help Feeding my pups

    My dogs are raw fed so I'm no help there. Potty training a dachshund can be a challenge. I've had the best luck using a crate. I take them out, if/when they potty, they get a treat and some freedom. If they don't potty, they go back in the crate for an hour or so and I repeat. If they...
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    New member

    Welcome! I have some little long dogs and one big long dog!
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    New Member

    Welcome to Dachshund-Talk Zara. How old is your pup? I'm a big fan of dachshund mixes and would love to see pics of him.
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    Round Balding Patches

    I've never had that happen. Is it some type of fungal infection maybe?
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    Good Morning

    Awwww. So cute!
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    Dachshund have staff

    Mine definitely have staff!
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    Tooth Extraction for Opie and Jackson

    I've had many dachshunds over the years. It seems like many have to have teeth extracted at about 9 or 10. I had one little old girl who came to me thru rescue who only had a few teeth left and did just fine. I feed raw which seems to help with not having to have dentals as often, but I've still...