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Discussion in 'Puppy Corner' started by Debra, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Aug 3, 2017
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    My daughter was given a puppy dachshund. The pup was going well going on the wee wee pads placed. Now she seems to go off the pads and we are confused because sometimes she uses the ones we lay out and sometimes not. Also I think my daughter made a mistake in leaving the pup to sleep with her. The pup has not had “accidents” on the bed and sleeps all night but when we leave house and she is put in crate she cries and whines all the time so I think my daughter started a bad habit of her being out not in the crate.
    Pup is 3 months old is it too late to put her back in crate while we are home and stop her from sleeping with my daughter? The crate is next to her bed and yes the pup goes in it for her toys and treats and when we leave house but at night no and when we are home she is out with my daughter in her room and mine. She cries and whines in the crate and has no off switch that I can see.

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