My doxie hacks and vomits and no one can figure out why. Help!

Hi, everyone. My wife and I have been trying to figure out what's wrong with Graham, our 9-year-old standard. He has, for the last several years--and with increasing frequency, been coughing and throwing up. We have had every test imaginable. It's not his trachea; that seems to be fine. We have tried Benadryl and the acid controller, Famotidine, to no effect. The bouts begin in the morning and last about 10 minutes. The result is mostly mucus. We are at the end of our wits here. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeremy
Hi Jeremy,

I just recently lost my baby Bella she was 11 going on 12 in a few months. I am completely heart broken over the loss of my best friend. Her passing I felt was very sudden and remains a mystery as to the true cause of her illness. She too would vomit on occasion and cough/hack which became much more frequent in the last month of her life. I too had taken her to the vet and they did X-rays, blood work, urine samples, ultrasounds and still could not tell me what was wrong. She also had times where her breathing became fast and labored. This is ultimately what took her from me and she spent the last 3 days of her life in an oxygen cage while the vets tried to medicate and figure out what was wrong. Anyways I am completely devastated and have tried to piece together her symptoms and scour the internet for what she may have had just to have a little closure on why she left me so soon. Any luck on finding out what is wrong with yours and have they done an ultrasound?