Month long digestive issues!


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Hi there! Hoping to see if anybody has any ideas or has been through a similar situation here!
I've had my dog, Toby, for about 2 years now (he's 3 years old). He had a host of issues when I got him (parasites, FHA surgery, a tick fell off of him right when we got home), but he's had a clean bill of health for a long time now. He had his regular appointment about a month and a half ago, then a week and a half later started developing vomiting and diarrhea. Eventually he was just passing blood (his vet advised to not give him food, but he still had the blood every few hours). He was started on metronidozole and a prescription diet with a probiotic, which took care of it for 2 weeks. A few days after he was off the metro though, it started up again. The vet started him on it again and gave him a different presciption diet (the first was for digestion, the second one was allergies). She also started him on tyson powder as well. His blood and fecal tests (multiple) all have come back fine.

I'm on eggshells now because he just came off of the metro again yesterday, so I'm worried that he's start having trouble again this week.

Has anybody had anything similar happen, or any ideas?

Thank you :)
Our (now) 2 year old Mylo had similar issues last summer. It went on for a couple months. After numerous vet trips, stool samples and tests, they could find nothing wrong! He had blood and mucous in his stool, he even once vomited coagulated blood, and he'd hide behind the toilet and just shiver. It was terrible and terrifying. And honestly one morning, he just went outside and left a picture perfect stool sample and after, that he was perfectly fine. However while he was "sick", we stopped feeding his dog food and fed boiled chicken and vegetables. We would also give him water mixed with honey and probiotics, and sometimes cranberry powder. A lot of the time he refused to eat, or would eat just a couple bites, so we gave him this water to keep him hydrated and to keep his sugar up. We usually had to use a dropper/syringe thing, but about 20 minutes after we'd give it to him, he'd want to eat and play.
Based off all this, we eventually assumed it was the dog food, although our other dog never experienced single symptom. We'll never know for sure but even since, we've made our own dog food and they've only gotten healthier. We have even seen a huge improvement in Mylo's pattern baldness. And they both seem to have more energy.
I hope your baby starts to improve soon and I hope I helped in some way. Please keep us posted!!
My baby Elijah came to me a long haired furry little bundle of vomiting yuckiness for the first year I had him. He was four months old when I got him, and the vet said it was normal for him to regurgitate his food. I feed my mini doxie a regular diet of raw turkey necks and chicken breasts, along with a mixture of beef liver/heart/lung meat patties. He is a very energetic healthy dog now. I did however notice when I first got him, he had a lump on his solar plexis, this lump was there the whole time he was puking his food up. Then one day, he puked up a hair ball literall almost two inches around, and six to seven inches long. I couldn't believe it. Then, his lump on the solar plexis was gone for good now. It has been three years now, and no more puking, He gets no commercial dog food, and only pure meat treats now.

I hope your baby gets better.