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  1. WatsonDachshund
    Is there a way to delete my account?
  2. eric_dot_com
    Dachshund For Life
  3. Tikki
    Tikki Datdog
    Hello Datdog and welcome to the forum. Would you like to introduce yourself and Datsun in the New Members Introduction section?

    If you have any queries I will be only too happy to help.

    Tikki [Staff]
  4. Tikki
    Tikki ladybug
    Hello ladybug and welcome to the Forum from little Tikki Tikva and myself.

    Please introduce yourself in the New Member Introduction section, which is the first one on the Forum.

    Any questions or worries you might have I am sure you will get the advice you need. I will help as much as I can.

    Tikki [Staff] and Tikva the half Doxie.
  5. Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson
    Why don’t you look for the right information before you pick any dog training program or any obedience trainer?
    1. Tikki
      I should hope that the majority of dog-savvy owners would check all information regarding training and obedience training programmes.

      Is there any reason why you think that people do not do so?

      Anyhow, why not join the Forum and introduce your self in the New Members Introduction section?

      There are many other sections, including the section Dachshund Training and Obedience, which might interest you.

      Oct 30, 2016
  6. Tikki
    Tikki kjacob
    Hello - would you like to introduce yourself on the Forum?
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  7. Victini
    1. Tikki
      I am glad you are happy - do you have something nice to be happy about?
      Oct 21, 2016
  8. Tikki
    Tikki Marge
    Hello and welcome to the forum :) Well done for rescuing your little boy.

    How about posting in the New Member Introduction section telling us all about him?
  9. Lbonnienclyde
    Heart broke and sad, had to put our 13 year old Heinnie down.
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    2. Doxie lady
      Doxie lady
      I am so very sorry for your loss. Run free little Heinnie.
      Sep 16, 2016
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    3. Lbonnienclyde
      ahh, yes, than you very , much for your kindness.
      Sep 17, 2016
    4. Tikki
      How are you feeling now? It is a year and a half since I had to have my beloved epi girl euthanised and it still breaks my heart thinking about her. She was only just over six-years old.
      Oct 21, 2016
  10. Diane jagger
    Diane jagger
    Hi I am Diane and I have 2 dashound Minnie 1 year Buddy 12 weeks live in York uk
    1. Tikki
      Hello Diane - how about introducing yourself, together with Minnie and Buddy, in the New member introduction section of the Welcome Centre, telling us all about your furkids - and post photos please.

      There is also a Puppy Corner under Dachshund Specific Chat section, where you can talk about any queries you might have with little Buddy.
      Sep 17, 2016
  11. Tikki
    Tikki Adam.bass
    I hope you still read this forum. If you do then I can give you some information and advice.
  12. Tikki
    Tikki Claire
    Dried liver slices - I get turkey livers as my pup is raw fed and she has liver with her vegetables and supplements once a week - but you can use any liver. Slice it very finely, lay the slices on a sheet of greaseproof paper [or brown paper] and slowly dry in either a microwave oven on its lowest number, or in an oven, also on a very low heat.

    You can then break the dried slices into whatever size you want.
  13. Claire
    We recently got a miniature dachshund puppy - can you recommend healthy treat options.
  14. Claire
    We recently got a miniature dachshund puppy - can you recommend healthy treats?
  15. Tikki
    Tikki Karen
    Hello Karen, may I add you as a friend?
  16. Adam.bass
    Please could some one offer some advice. We have two 11 month standard puppies and one of them keeps shaking. She is the quieter one of the two and i am just a little worried. Should i be concerned or is it normal. She seems active and is eating and drinking fine. The only other thing i have noticed is she gets sneezing fits every now and again. Not sure why. I normally walk outside with her and she stops. The shivering worries me though. Any advice would be gladly received.
  17. Marge
    Hi everyone...we just rescued a yorkie/daschund mix, is more daschund then yorkie.
    wonderful little boy. So happy with our new little man.
    Never had a daschund before so lots to learn. Happy to have joined this group
  18. Doxie lady
    Doxie lady Penny
    Hi there. I was 4 doxies on DBB. Glad to have found you on here. Teddy's mom is looking for a doxie site also as we both are not on facebook.
    How have you and your babies doing?
  19. walterthewiener
    Hi There, sorry for the delay. We got him from Adorable Dachshunds, (Cindy Batorski). Hope that helps.
  20. Lbonnienclyde